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Patterned Concrete

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is a method of stamping the surface of freshly poured ready mixed concrete to simulate the look of cobbles, brick, slate, tile, stone & wood.


Pattern Imprinted Concrete is maintenance free and unlike Gravel, Asphalt or Block Paving will not sink or spread, and is weed and stain resistant.


Pattern imprinted concrete is created by laying around 4" of fibre reinforced concrete in one slab. It is then coloured with a pure cement powder and embossed with a rubber matt. No weeds can grow through and no sinking can occur. A coat of acrylic seal, available in gloss or matt, is then applied which makes the product non porous so any thin spillage such as oil etc washes off. It also protects it against direct sunlight so it won't fade. An anti slip agent is added so it is non slip.


Examples of our Patterned Concrete work...



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• Low maintenance
• Weed free and stain resistant.
• Vast range of colours and patterns
• Matt or gloss finish.
• Extremely tough and durable
• Fully proven in over 26 countries worldwide
• Architect and Specifier approved
• For the ultimate driveway, patio or path.


Patterns available include:


Old Brick HerringboneEuropean FanSlate CobblestoneSplit RubblestonePacific Boardwalk


Many more patterns available. Please call for details.


Click here to view some of the colours available.